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I loved the Doctor Who episode from last week "Vincent and the Doctor" I thought it was beautiful that they never backed away from his mental illness. I am also on the very small boat of people that enjoyed the "monster of the week" the Krafayis. I understood that it felt hokey and out of place at points, especially with the monumental fantastical storytelling that was going on with Vincent Van Gogh. To sum up for those that haven't seen it, the Doctor and Amy travel to meet Vincent Van Gogh and to see about a monster in one of his paintings. The monster is a Krafayis, who can't be seen by anyone except Vincent. The Doctor only sees it through the aid of a device he has in the TARDIS (that his two headed godmother gave him).

I felt the Krafayis, while a bit on the silly side, was a beautiful metaphor for anyone who has ever dealt with depression. Each of us has our own Krafayis, each of us deals with our own demons. There are people in our lives that really *do* want to help, and make that difference. There are days that no matter what differences are made that we have a hard time getting out of bed. Its something we face, and most of the time, despite the sincerest of love, its something we face alone and in the dark.

We all battle our demons. We all can hear the kind words of loved ones. Sometimes people help us, like the Doctor and Amy, even if they can't see. Even when they try really hard. Its why it had to be Vincent that saw the Krafayis, not because he was "special" or because an "alien" was causing his depression. He really had his problems, but he had to face it. He used his easel as a weapon to battle it off. Just as he used it to experience life. To paint the sky and sunflowers and make a name for himself that he would never actualize in life. For a moment he was able to see the stars in the sky, no matter how dark it became again afterwards. For a moment he was able to feel joy before the demon came back, and they usually always do. But for a brief shining moment, there were people that tried, and loved, and attempted to understand.

It moved me. I felt for Vincent. I deal with depression. I have my own Krafayis. I suppose its not some awkward looking chicken from outerspace, but its there. There are times I fight it off with the kind words of friends, and loved ones. There are times were it over powers me and I don't want to go out in the world. In the end I still try to see a beauty in the world around me, to lift my spirits. As Vincent does with the brush, I attempt to do with the written word. There is such beauty, and Vincent Van Gogh saw it. Its one of the reasons he is one of my favorite artists. Maybe not *my* artist, but definately a favorite.

The scene in the meadow with the three of them looking up at the stars was beautiful, poigant, and one day I hope to be able to do the same.

It was beautiful. I liked it. :)
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