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So there is this thing I learned earlier this year that has helped me cope with some of the changes going on in my life, and there are more than I care for at this moment. I call it "the chicken." It's something I've adopted from the last episode of MASH. The story goes like this: The soldiers are on the bus with some South Korean refugees. There is an enemy patrol in the area. One woman is carrying a chicken that wont stop squawking. Hawkeye, another character, tells her to "keep that damn chicken quiet" and the noise stops. As it turns out the woman was not actually carrying a chicken, but rather her baby. Unable to keep the baby from crying, the woman made the decision to smother it and protect the lives of the people on the bus. Pierce, seeing this happen, is traumatized, and suffers a nervous break down.

Now that I've brought us all to such a happy place, "the chicken" is the issue you are dealing with instead of looking at the larger one, "the Baby". For instance say freaking out over something trivial when you are really upset about say a death in the family, someone's surgery, changes involving your employment, that scary life stuff you don't want to deal with at the moment and its easier to lose yourself by being upset about a "chicken." So its looking at your problem from a different perspective. Asking yourself "am I really upset about this, or is this a 'chicken?" It's oddly surprisingly helpful sitting yourself down and going "oi, bitch, chicken?" Looking at a problem and realizing its a "baby" is never fun, but making the small problem into a "chicken" helps you realize how small of a problem it really is and that you should CALM YO TITS and deal with the larger issue instead of brushing it to the side.

In the past few months I've had to utilize "the chicken" and remember my place. I use it to remember that problems aren't as unsurmountable as they seem and that even though I'm impatient it will take time, and it will get better. No one will have to smother an infant. That these life problems are always only for now and they will get better, they will change, or I'll thicken my skin and deal with them in a more adult manner. What doesn't peck your eyes out only makes you stronger. That this little thing that I'm so being overly melodramatic about is something that will pass. I'll be okay. Its just a chicken. Deal with the babies as they come, but let the chicken go. It helps me center myself in a very odd sounding meditation.

Plus, sharing the wisdom of "the chicken" is always amusing. You can't just mosey up to a stranger and go "oh, i see you there all stressed out. Let us talk of poulty!" But when you share the "chicken" with a friend it usually intially at least involves some form of giggling. And most certainly of "oh, well I guess thats a chicken then?"
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