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The Beach Party
Date: Saturday, August 08
location: 2230 Judston St, San Diego CA 92111
Starting Time: 9:00 PM

The Beach Party is a big ole party for the biggest ham. It will be at the Frak House in Linda Vista. Good times will be had. BYOB, hoping to have a blue hawaiian off. There are a few themes going on, but the party is going until someone passes out on lawn SO HELP ME GOD. However, if you drink and you are not okay to drive.. my cabana boy will take your keys. For shizzles.

The Big Damn Birthday
dates: Friday August 14 - August 16
Starting time: TBD
Location: 211 E. Flamingo Rd Las Vegas, NV

Amy is dragging my ass to Vegas. Its going to be wonderful, so we thought we would invite lots of people. We're staying at the Platinum Hotel. Our room is full so any additions will have to worry about their own acomodations. A few friends I haven't seen in a while are coming out so there will be lots of snuggling. We might catch a show or even go out to dinner but mostly chilling in vegas by the pool. Its gonna be a damn good time.

If you are going to attend either event please give me a heads up. Especially for Vegas so I can figure out a headcount.

Thanks kids!


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