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After the "Time of your life" arc of the Buffy comics I'm done collecting them. As far as the Angel comics go? Hate the art. Hate the character voices. Liked only one plot they had going. (I'm a sucker for fish what can I say?) bye bye.

Saw Mamma Mia! at a sneak preview. Literally just about to leave work and Deanna runs in singing "mamma mia!" hands Heidi and I a ticket then prances off. It was really cute, and sweet. And just plain fun. However, Pierce Brosnan.. please for the love of god don't ever sing again. Also, Colin Firth will be the father of my children. This thursday at midnight.. The Dark Knight! Meggie from work pranced in with tickets for that. Apparently my life is a series of people prancing with tickets. I still need to get in to see Wall-e.

I'm also very convinced that some diety (imma go with Zeus on this one) must really, really like me. As much I enjoy making money and theatre the production that was gonna be keeping me late and generally ruining christmas in july has cancelled. So christmas is back on! Although I feel bad for Paul and David who were actually decent human beings have to deal with the hose beast. But sooo bloody gleefull at this moment. I GET TO SEE DOCTOR WHOOOO PANEL!!!!! ^______^ And be able to see BSG/Heroes if I'm lucky. Gonna get Heidi in for Lost.


and to add to more glee Terminator: Salvation.

edit: gonna be able to get into most of the things i want. don't care really about friday. But totally get to see Doctor Who on thursday and requesting saturday for my day off next week. Going to work so Heidi can do Lost panel, after that don't care have fun with my socksys. Looks I'm spending most of my ass saturday in hall 20, and getting up early to check out hall h for heroes. Guess it all worked out after all. YAY MUPPETY ZEUS


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