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Oh my god, I forgot how much I love multi-tasking and having a computer that can handle all the shit I do at once. Oh Inara! LOVE OF MY LIFE! *clings* I missed you baby! Mama missed you sooooo <3 <3 <3

Yes, I compose epic ballads to my computer. For she is a sexy mama jama shut your mouth named after my favorite whore in this 'verse. Now if only I could get the wireless working as my bitch. My mac did eat the setup disc and won't read or spit it back up no matter what I try. I think she just needs me to snuggle more. YES. CLEARLY! However once its working there will be the Network of Rassilon. And there will be joy.

However, Jericho got cancelled, AGAIN and that is made of epic fail. (Even though it still brings in more numbers then Smallville, but whatever. I'll be over in bitter land. Though, I am not surprised. But still bitter)

Although, I have allll my old music back. Which means the poor roomies will be subject to japanese opera, again, and I can't wait to get all the stuff my other computer onto this one and delete it from the laptop. Cause sweetness of lots of music is GREAT! YAY!

I'm feeling super geeky.

Imma go dance.


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