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What a rollercoaster I am on. I've got my list in a row, and I'm completely capable of accomplishing it. I've gotten myself into school without help. I've paid for it without help. I crossed the country to start over and find a life i want to live with the promise of a couch and love for who I am. There is nothing I can't do without a little determination. Miracles aren't something that just happen, miracles are something people make happen. I could spend my days lamenting about the lack of help emotional, financially, and physically throughout my life, but I choose not to. I can consitently dwell on the things that were not done in my favor, but I don't. I would not be here without them. I cannot bring myself to be bitter over the moments that brought me to this room, to this house, to these people, to this hour. I am grateful for every last moment. Every last beating. Every last smile. Every last breath.

I thank whatever invisible force is at work for being alive when there were moments that could have ended me. I thank whatever diety reminded me that no matter what its up to me to turn around my life. Me, and only me. No one else owes me anything. No one else is obligated to clean up my mess. I thank those who have been with me every step of the way, offering their words of wisdom, aiding me on my path, and then leaving me to make decisions on my own proving my own self worth in the process. I'm just having a moment where I am overwhelmed by the mere idea of how many people believe in me and my capabilities.

And by george I will prove their faith right. Because I can. Because I owe it to myself to have their faith rewarded. To follow that dream, and then to share it. I will get there, wherever I am going with my chin held high. Because my friends believe in me, and most importantly because I finally believe in me. And because we both deserve to have that faith rewarded.

I can do this. If it means not going out as much. So be it. If it means not buying that dvd box set or spending that extra dollar at lunch. Then its what I have to do. I will get into school, and I will get a car. Because I can. Because I am capable. Each one of us is. You can either dwell on things that will never be, or learn to move on. Right now, I'm moving on. I am strong.

And by god I will have a car and the second draft of my novel done by the end of summer so help me.
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I am moving this saturday from the wee hovel on hooker's way to the house of frak in linda vista.

I don't have a lot of stuff but I need some help moving it.

I particularly need help moving the amount of guinness that needs to go from one place to another to be consumed by some sexy moving bitches.

The time will be about 12:00PM so people can get over their Rocky Hangover. If you need directions/address/assistance with your pants please text the ittybitty pocket at:


And at least give me a head count so how much to plan for. LIke I said I realy dont have a lot. So there is no obligation to be my bitch. The only thing I really need help with is the mattresses. Which need a truck.

I remember coming out here almost two years ago with nothing but two suitcases and a dream. My how things have changed. /stares at the piles of crap that just wont pack themselves


Oi vey

Sep. 24th, 2008 12:24 am
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Dear ideas in my head,

Would you please all just write yourselves? KTHNX.

Love Mandy
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Good friends. Good wine. Good SYTYCD. Good Bear. Good Cheese. Crazy cats.

Other than work problems life is pretty good.

One of those realizations that my life has been a completely Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (minus the Mr. Toad) gonna go to sleep tonight being grateful, and looking forward to the things to come. Its all about perspective, if something bothers you enough its up to you to change it.

Yackity smackity. SLEEEEP. WHEE!
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I'm about to go to sleep, but I thought I would take a moment to outline a few new goals for myself.

  • I want to try and at least get one graphic piece, for a client or not, done a week. Just to encourage myself to be more creative and work on building my skills as a designer and my skills with the programs.

  • From this point on, I want to try to rewrite one chapter of my novel a week until the rewrite is complete. This has so far been going well. I've only fixed up a few pages and the ratio is currently going one reworked page is coming to four pages total. I like actually having all my history, town information, character information, etc written up and easily accessible when I need it.

  • Unless I'm going out I want to try to be in bed by 11:30-12:30.

  • No wow raiding, wow pvping is good game tho!

  • be a bit more open about things. being a pent up monkey is no good

  • figure out my schedule for when I go home next so i can hit up people I desperately miss (my massocks I'm lookin at you)

  • do good at life. yay life


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