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In all my history of customer service I've had THAT lady. I've had THAT kid.

And now...

I've had THAT guy.

I'm so amused. News at 11.

But on the plus side, the guy after him pretty much made up for him. He was hilarious. ^_^
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I'm a complete goober.

Carry on.

edit: apparently, [ profile] jetpack_monkey has found my hidden stash of crack. LOL
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I had a lot of fun the other night dancing, plus going to the club with super hot chicks and then going home with even more super hot chicks is a win/win situation any way that I see it. Plus how can one just not love the adoring fabulousness of the people at gothplex and the greatness of the loves that brought me back to the house of ill repute?

Though I was sad to find out that most of the things on my website are missing. Which is teh sucks. Because I was pretty sure I uploaded everything after I switched my package. (waggle) So I'll be spending a good portion of my time fixing that. I'm going to try to not go out next week and actually spend it working on my website (especially if I get [ profile] veggiebelle's old monitor) and my novel. I will be productive dammit! Will take time out for movies and snuggles and stuffs. Cause thats what I do!

I'm also not quite right in the head.



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